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BrainSharing's Mission:

BrainSharing Sarl, FRANCE


An Executive Co-Pilot assists your Company in

Corporate Strategy, Business Development,

and Project Assistance in a Multicultural Context.

Oil & Gas, Upstream, Seismic, Onshore, Offshore, Oceanography, Defense, Electronics.

        Consulting Services in French and English  / Founder Profile : MEng. / Marketing & Sales / MBA.

                                                                                        Email : contact@brainsharing.fr

- Oil & Gas companies, geophysical companies, oilfield services, subsea, seismic equipment manufacturers.

- Defense : marine security & safety, electronic warfare;


- Oceanography : equipment manufacturers;


- Electronics : products or systems, radiocommunication, RFID.

Industries BrainSharing can FUEL:

Corporate Strategy:


- Revisit your Mission and Challenge your Vision;

- Ensure your Corporte and Business Strategies are inline with your Goals & Objectives;

- Monitor and analyse Company performances vs other stakeholders results.

Corporate Social Responsibility:

- Review where your Company stands and how you cope with CSR in the long run.

Business Development:

- Act as your Sales Representative for France or Europe;

- Initiate a Product Line Marketing & Sales growth process;

- Built Customer Relationship and strenghten Customer Loyalty;

- Assist You during Negotiations with your clients;

- Share more than 10 years expertise of negotiations with Chinese companies.


- Review your Positionning and Challenge your Marketing Methods;


- Give you a hand and act as your buyer or facilitator during hard talks with your vendors;

Project Assistance

- Fill a gap in your Project Team and act as a Project Manager or Project Manager Assistant.

- Ensure your Business Continuity by acting as an Interim Manager.

What BrainSharing can DO with and for YOU:

To serve your Vision by providing expertise on Corporate Strategy and Business Development ;

To (re)shape your Marketing & Sales Methods, get the right market fit and trigger a sustainable growth ;

To assist your team(s) during a Project Execution.

BrainSharing and Executive Co-Pilot are trade-marks registered at the French INPI.


Mission :